He looked like a Russian nesting doll

This cutely shaped fat man was yelling "Take off your shirt!" to some girls at the Whisky Bend the other night.

09.28.08 - Adventure Time is being made at Cartoon Network and my days are full of things to do. It's very fun and I'm happy being so busy. I'm having trouble answering all the emails I've been getting so just know if you send me an email I'm totally going to read it and I will do my best to respond to it but it might take a while for me to get to it. But I appreciate all the emails I get! Email me whenever you want.

07.19.08 - I got into useing "Twitter" this week. It's a tiny blog utility that Barack uses as well as Mars Lander Phoenix! So I'll probably start updating that every so often with.. probably nothing worth reading. Nicoles mom will read it and freak me out when she mentions how she was sad when she heard my sandwhich from Portos had welted lettuce.

06.10.08 - My first episode of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is going to air this Thursday 6/12 on Cartoon Network. I co-wrote and storyboarded the episode "Kid Nickels" with Mike Roth. Kent Osborne wrote the outline.

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